Where written word holds more than spoken.


23. Cat

I had just gotten a new cat, Cisco, and dog, Sheba, from Helping Hands Humane Society. The dog, a black lab, was adorable, but only 6 or 7 months old, and was very hyper. All the time. We had just lost our dog a couple months ago, and were getting a new one, the cat was a happenchance. I fell in love with him when I saw him. But one day, Sheba jumped on our older cat, Winters, and broke his back. There was nothing we could do but wait. He died August 29th, 2009. One day before my birthday.



22. Mother Nature

I shifted in my seat. This pressure is beginning to become unbearable. This whole situation is way beyond my comfort zone. What she just said is probably the harshest thing ever said to me. I was crying, and she was claiming I could tell her anything, come to her with all my problems. How can she say something like that when she just verbally bashed me to an all time low? When we were finished, I left the room, avoiding seeing anyone and running to the nearest bathroom. My eyes shifted, screening the surroundings. I made it. Mother Nature calls.

21. Vacation

In the great words of The Young Veins:

Keep them all in a picture
And leave the cold where we came from
Our loneliness will keep us warm
We’re going going going very far

I need to take a vacation
If this is settling down
Then Why aren’t you here?
I want a big celebration
The night we get back in town
And I hope you’re all there

Leave the past out to pasture
And take the days as they come
And leave the sand in a suitcase
So we don’t forget the fun
We’re going going going very far



This feels like cheating, but I really love this song.

20. Fortitude

I must be strong… I have sat next to this phone staring at it, waiting for a phone call, all night. I know I won’t receive a call, but I keep watching the phone, hoping, waiting. This is so stupid of me. I need something to do to get my mind off of it. I switched on the television. I scanned through the channels, but continued to glance back to my phone. I got up and paced back and forth, did a few push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, but nothing got my mind off the phone. It was the epitome of frustrated.


19. Gray

This day has gone by so slowly. In a sort of haze. I cannot understand anything that is going on around me. I had a test, but could not focus and probably failed. I drove home slowly and indirectly, circling about the neighborhood a few times. I could not figure out why I should go home. I could not figure out why I should do anything. I was confused, a kind of tired, not sleepy, but wanting to sleep. I got home, turned off the car, unbuckled my seatbelt, and sat there. I did not leave the car, but sat.

18. Rainbow


For as long as I remember I loved drawing. I always tried to draw real shapes, I hated stick figures. I would draw everything from people to animals. I also loved to color, like my sister did, coloring the outside lines dark and the inside light. I always used crayons for their dimension in color, I did not like using markers. I tried painting once, but unlike drawing, the skill did not come naturally. My friend Brittany got me hooked on Prismacolor Colored Pencils. They are great for color dynamics. However, lately, my drawings have been done purely in pencil.

17. Blood

Another Altercation

I inhale deeply, letting every molecule of oxygen take hold of each individual blood cell. I shut my eyes, and focus. With each breath, my heart slows down and I can think even more clearly. I imagine a small orb entering with each breath and collecting all my red, these are my distractions, anger, regret, everything, it all leaves as I breathe out, and more weight is lifted from my shoulders. I am calm and collected and ready to take on this task. I am glad that fight is over. And I hope and pray that one never happens again.